Bad Programming?

Programmers have a well=known term -> “rubbish in, rubbish out”

But are our brains the same?

People are engineered as much or even more than software from the day we are born, hopefully by people who have our own best interests at the top of their agenda.  We are infact little more than a collection of beliefs and values, which run as automatically and unseen as the programming which helps us to walk, to catch or throw a ball, or get milk from the fridge with very very little thought, which allows us to use our conscious brains for far less than otherwise.

What if our programming is wrong? How would we even know?

Our beliefs are often collected while growing up, and there is equal chance that those around us gave us those beliefs to protect us (fire is hot, roads are dangerous; to encourage us (you can do anything that anyone else can do, if you practice); or to control or manage us  to make their life, or family life, what they want it to be – to impress grandma, stay at home more often, or steer us away from and towards people according to their preferences.

As if that wasn’t enough, our governments do the same.  Just where does parenting end, and manipulation begin?  And how can we regain control of our own minds to make a decision for ourselves, since so much in there even before we become adults is …. well….garbage.

We should learn to trust ourselves more often. Systems are only as good as the people programming them, and the people operating them – and people come in all flavours of: good and bad; competant and incompetent; fair and unfair; intelligent and stupid; and all the shades inbetween. Trusting people with our programming without question is a big mistake, and it may be many years before we find the faulty code !!! To do that we have to go back to our original memories, and learn to trust our own opinion on matters again.

5 stupid sources saying the same thing doesn’t make it true.

From: – a website which expresses HUGE concerns about Family Courts and Social Services. Well worth a visit in my opinion.