PAS Awareness for children & parents

Here’s a post about issues which affect large proportions of society.

This man relates his experience and memories of his childhood, which was affected by a lack of shared parenting policy by governments worldwide, who all bizarrely chant the propaganda of themselves being all-knowing of the ‘best interests of the child’.

Ryan’s videos expose 1/1,000,000th of the actual truth of such incompetent authorities, which in years to come society will judge with feelings of intense shame akin to the child labour workhouses in the days of Charles Dickens’  “Oliver Twist”.

Shame on us. 

This is not rocket science, which reveals that our failure to stop children and families going through this is incredibly abusive.

Waking up is a process, not an event (even if events like Ryan describes below, triggers that process)

And he describes some memories of his childhood

Years later, he is working through his feelings and loss with his dad…

…while ‘resetting’ and maintaining a ‘different’ relationship with his mum, based on whatever positivity he could salvage.

And here’s an interesting thought ….

Of course, posts like this may help you to realise this earlier, as Ryan says “something strikes a chord with you and you pay attention”.


Moving on, in today’s world of free hotmail for anyone with a phone or access to a computer, it is easier and easier for children under the control of an alienator to open up a support communication channel with their targeted parent


Some kids break free on their own

both boys and girls, alienated by both mums or dads, or step-parents. It’s totally gender-neutral – any gender can be the perpetrator & target

Here’s a useful post in the excellent “TEDtalks” series, which is a great resource on everything from psychology to rocket science 🙂