*** It’s ‘game over’ ***

a.k.a less than 11 minutes to change your life (or someone close to you, statistically).

A stunningly accurate face-slapping summary of a topic on which there’s been multiple posts on this site.
Until 2:35

So something before it’s too late (if it is not already!)

Clue: as often, not directed at who you might initially think.
We do like frequently giving you these twists, and hope you appreciate the ‘humour’

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Sorry, I had to ‘lie’

There are so many possible titles here, but in the wordpress posts left-column, it’s good to keep them short.

Stefan strikes again ! His philosophy channel helps so many people and covers so many situations.  Often enough, he comes across people that not only get his help during the call-in shows, but he also ensures they have ongoing therapy funded for his callers by his community.  He is an internet equivalent of the Dr Phil/Oprah winfrey shows in that respect.

Sometimes less is more, and so I invite you to simply listen, and if possible like & share.

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Families need fathers :(

Information about the all-too-common situation faced by children maintaining contact or being abused and threatened after divorce.  This “very conservative” organisation cannot overcome the bias “man bad … woman good” unthinkingly enforced by a female dominated industry – to the great cost of children and the fathers who love them.

Get the message out, as boys need to know that when they become men, should their wives feel like disposing of them for whatever misguided reasons, if so desired their children can be horrifically abused and they are worse-than-powerless to prevent it, or to remain a loving part of their life no matter how perfect they father and husband may have been.

Most adults have a friend who has lost their child to this industry through no (or very little) fault of his own –> “I hope it won’t happen to me” is not an adequate defence for the horrific and lifelong consequences.  INVESTIGATE THOROUGHLY.

Families need fathers