Life-Package – the secret’s out !! :)

Here’s everything you need 🙂

  1. Listen

2. Watch

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3. Go, for free, or <£15/day to start

If you’re sensible and keen to learn, you can do a few trips paying just your flights. With more experience and a few RYA exams, you can be paid for your time and all expenses, including flights. Adding a scuba-diving certification would increase your value, and fun!

12 Rules for life Jordan Peterson

Have been following this Guy for well over a year now.  Before turning it over to the expert, here’s a few of my own, from observation:

  1. If use of the product or service is free, YOU are the product (taught to us by facebook & google)
  2. You never learn much by winning. By contrast you can learn 1000 times more from a loss.
  3. Lying is like an addiction. After as few as 2 or 3 you can become addicted; the habit will only grow; and one day you’ll be on 20 or 40 a day, unable to kick it, and you’ll have lost all sense of truth in your life.
  4. Once you have lost truth, you have found Hell.
  5. It takes years to earn trust, and a split second to lose it.
  6. A clear conscious is an investment: It might cost a it here and a bit there when you pass up the chances to score from deception, short-cuts and cheating, but you are lighter for all of you life, grow stronger & more skillful by honest work, and gain confidence through a growing sense of self-respect from the justly earned.
  7. We think an education or a skill may be the most important investment we can make, but if we choose the wrong partner in life, no amount of career success can be kept through the destruction of divorce.

and now over to the expert.  Choose your own favourites. Write them down Meditate on what they mean for you DAILY, until it becomes a habit.  When you think you have the right answer, you probably don’t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow! Thanks @ 6750 Subscribers

Wow. That’s 2/3rds of 10,000 people. 

  • It’s several very full communter trains
  • It’s several very large schools
  • It’s about as many people as voted for my local MP
  • It’s about as many “families” that “need fathers” (link)

And here I was just doing my own thing, and while trying to find how to update something (which was proving very good at hiding from me) I came across this:

marcus users apr 2018
marcus users apr 2018

I hadn’t ever looked at subscribers, I merely used ultimate member to control access to certain pages.  So expecting just the 6 family members, imagine my shock to find another 6700 people + in the kitchen enjoying the coffee 🙂  –> i.e. had found the content to be interesting enough to sign up  & follow.

It kind of knocked me on my ass for 5 minutes !!!

It is really humbling that there is so much support for my various ramblings, which was a really just a personal blog or collection of things of interest affecting people and society.

I’ll be making much more of an effort in future, now that I know it’s become much more than a special online diary, and I hope you notice the change.

So never imagining i’d have to say this (because I never once went looking for it) :