too late for ‘Sorry’?

Judge apologises to loving father who is prevented from seeing his children who are ‘alienated’ from him after their mother spent years ‘demonising’ him

A father has given up the fight to see his children after their mother waged a vicious campaign ‘demonising’ him and ‘alienating’ them from him. 

Family court judge Stephen Wildblood today apologised to the father, who he said was an ‘intelligent man who plainly loves his children’. 

He said the father had spent eight years fighting for his children in a ‘heartbreaking and expensive’ case.

And in a scathing attack Judge Wildblood blamed the mother, pointing out her children would suffer long-term harm as a result of her bitter actions. 

in the comments:”The judge should make an order that the children be handed copies of all the hearings and the findings of them on their 18th birthdays. This will then show them what their mother did and how hard the father tried to stay in their lives and be a parent.They can then choose to contact their father or not!”