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Wow! Thanks @ 6750 Subscribers

Wow. That’s 2/3rds of 10,000 people. 

  • It’s several very full communter trains
  • It’s several very large schools
  • It’s about as many people as voted for my local MP
  • It’s about as many “families” that “need fathers” (link)

And here I was just doing my own thing, and while trying to find how to update something (which was proving very good at hiding from me) I came across this:

marcus users apr 2018
marcus users apr 2018

I hadn’t ever looked at subscribers, I merely used ultimate member to control access to certain pages.  So expecting just the 6 family members, imagine my shock to find another 6700 people + in the kitchen enjoying the coffee πŸ™‚  –> i.e. had found the content to be interesting enough to sign up  & follow.

It kind of knocked me on my ass for 5 minutes !!!

It is really humbling that there is so much support for my various ramblings, which was a really just a personal blog or collection of things of interest affecting people and society.

I’ll be making much more of an effort in future, now that I know it’s become much more than a special online diary, and I hope you notice the change.

So never imagining i’d have to say this (because I never once went looking for it) :


Magical … Dolphins come to play!

Not important, in the scheme of today … but i thought you might like to see some of these i missed in the earlier post.

Maybe next year ….. come with?

hello beautiful

Hello – i see you brought a friend

Click the pictures for larger images.

There was what must be several ‘pods’ heading towards the fish farm at Preveza in the inland sea (see map on earlier post).  Our friends Matt & Alex(f) on Ragio had radioed, and we sailed in parallel with the dolphins around and between both boats for over 20 minutes.

about 20 around the boat’s bow – surfing off our pressure wave

pic of my finger … oh, and a dolphin! πŸ™‚

3 Synchro-leaping

Bear Grylls Camping – also wish you were here

Last weekend, camping in Devon

Had to carry everything in and out, down a cliff in torrential rain.

The sun came out, and the solitude and privacy and views were EPIC.

Michael, living locally, went home each evening, but came over each day.

 Karen & Stephen visited, but unfortunately a combination of deck shoes & fear of heights meant Steve could/would not attempt the cliff so we had to hoist a cuppa to him back up the cliff face.

Top marks to Karen, who braved mud & cliffs on her 4(censored)th birthday to see her brother for the first time since this

Sailing Adventures – wish you were here

Aug/Sept Ionion Islands, Greece

From zero to hero / landlubber to salty sailor – Arrrrr πŸ™‚

salty sailor

Including multiple ports on the Greek islands of Kefalonia, Ithaca, and Corfu.

Flat seas steering with feet, beer in hand to force 7 all hands on deck & safety lines clipped to lifejackets

Meeting & feeding the locals

“go jump off a cliff” πŸ™‚

@10 metres high into about 10 ft of water, it was like jumping off the roof of a 3 to 4 story apartment block, about twice as high as your bedroom window

Sorry, I had to ‘lie’

There are so many possible titles here, but in the wordpress posts left-column, it’s good to keep them short.

Stefan strikes again ! His philosophy channel helps so many people and covers so many situations.  Often enough, he comes across people that not only get his help during the call-in shows, but he also ensures they have ongoing therapy funded for his callers by his community.  He is an internet equivalent of the Dr Phil/Oprah winfrey shows in that respect.

Sometimes less is more, and so I invite you to simply listen, and if possible like & share.